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An exceptional product

Our Saffron far exceeds the values of First Category ISO 3632 and is, therefore, excellent quality

It offers consumers superior sensorial satisfaction during sampling, proving our product is far better than any chemical concoction.

Not just gastronomy. Saffron has always been thought to contain a wealth of  precious health-promoting substances.

A product that stimulates strong sensorial emotions

Our PRODUCTION and our RESEARCH are the cornerstones of our sensorial results.

Courtesy of the purity and concentration of crocin (that gives it its distinctive colour), picrocrocin (that gives it a slightly bitter taste) and safranal (that gives it its distinctive aroma) the perceptions and sensations afforded by Aurum Julii saffron engage all the senses.

That’s why we choose to use systems that always respect the pureness and the organic features of our product, so that we can continuously improve its quality and ensure increasingly greater



A product made exclusively in Italy

Our saffron is entirely produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia
the ancient Forum Julii, a historical land between East and West

Careful and knowledgeable organic production that exploits the experience and know-how of age-old tradition using modern processes that guarantee excellent gastronomic quality and purity.

Studies and analyses certify that our extremely pure saffron contains no trace of chemical substances, herbicides or pesticides and assess its quality by measuring the concentration of crocin, picrocrocin and safranal

A product with a very interesting past


The value of the name Aurum Julii stems from worldwide acknowledgement of the historical importance of the Roman Empire.

The characteristic value of a product, Saffron, that has been associated with good taste, refinement, pleasure and wealth throughout history