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Our strategy

A top-quality product that can be classified by means of the ISO standards


A product with a refined, distinctive flavour – enhanced through sensorial research – able to deliver the best combination of taste, aroma and colour to all professional or family cooks in the world, giving them the satisfaction of making delicious dishes and recipes

Our strategy is focused solely on the innovative and professional production of saffron

Traditional cultivations and an industrial / corporate approach work in perfect synergy


Our target is the global, high-end, niche food market, focusing entirely on our Made in Italy quality


We invest constantly to make our brand precious and unique, guaranteeing top quality


We have created extremely high-quality packaging: a sort of treasure chest that contains all the precious properties of our Saffron


We advertise non-stop (through our website, social networks, media and events) to diffuse the culture and knowledge of how to use this spice

The symbolic values of Made in Italy products, of History and of Mythology belong to us

Saffron is not just a gastronomic delight, it is also enjoyed for its health-promoting properties